How To Conceal Dark Circles With 4 Simple Steps

Did you ever go to an event with perfect makeup but then look in the mirror to see raccoon eyes show up only a few hours later?? We all been there unfortunately. We buy products that don’t stand the test of time sadly. I know for me personally, I found so many concealers out there a waste of money. We all want to know how to conceal our under eye circles completely. Fortunately, I have my 4 step method to share with you.

If you don’t apply the concealer correctly, you will end up with more prominent looking raccoon eyes. Trust me, I have tried methods out there before only to end up with my dark circles looking WORSE!! You were able to notice the difference between where the concealer was applied versus not, and it just looked unflattering.

No worries though, I will share with you my go-to tips on how to perfect your concealer application. Stay tuned…

conceal dark circles in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Find a nice eye cream to serve as a primer for your concealer.

The first step before applying concealer is to use a hydrating base/eye primer under your eyes. The under eye area is very delicate and typically drier than other areas of the face, therefore, it’s crucial to hydrate that area well. I recommend using a ring finger to gently pat the primer all around your eyes in a light tapping motion.

The first eye base/hydrator I recommend is Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Eye Cream, which serves as an under eye hydrator with vitamin C to brighten and  hyaluronic acid and peptides to moisturize the under-eye area and prevent crows feet. This also makes a great base before applying concealer. I use mine daily, and it helps promote the longevity of my concealer. It also helps hydrate the eye area since it contains hyaluronic acid.

Tula’s Probiotic Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm cools, hydrates, and helps brighten the appearance of dark circles since it contains caffeine. It also provides a cooling effect to wake up tired eyes/puffiness.

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Step 2: Apply your concealer over your foundation (not the other way around).

How to apply concealer

Photo Source: Good Housekeeping/Tyler Joe

The second step is to apply the concealer over your foundation, not the other way around. It’s very crucial to apply makeup from the thinnest base to thickest in order to prevent cakey concealer and promote the longevity of your makeup.

I highly recommend Tarte Shape Tape Concealer if your looking for for fuller coverage. It provides great coverage for under eye bags/circles. I honestly could not live without this specific concealer. I tried every concealer out there, and I always return back to Tarte’s Shape Tape simply for the fact that it makes the skin look completely flawless.

This concealer hides acne scars to dark circles with very little product needed. Be careful to not apply too much or it will look cakey. Also be sure to hydrate your eyes since this is a mattifying concealer.

The best way to apply concealer is in a “V” shape. This shape immediately creates a non surgical face-lift. The concealer will highlight the upper portion of your face beneath your eye drawing the focus upward.

Tarte Shape tape concelaer

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Step 3: Set your concealer with a setting powder.

The third step is to set the concealer so it lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. Any pressed or loose powder will work. Just be sure you make sure you don’t get ones that leave a ghostly white cast or you will have an awful flashback in your pictures. No one wants that!!

I use a damp beauty blender and dip it in a loose setting powder. From there, I dab it gently dab the beauty blender under my eyes so I don’t transfer the concealer out of place. An affordable powder to set the under-eye area is Maybelline’s Fit me Matte Powder. It is a matte setting powder but not drying or too flat. It has a tint to it so you don’t get a white cast like some setting powders leave behind.

My favorite prestige setting powder is Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting powder. It is recommended by so many popular beauty gurus. It has a nice brightening effect and gives your skin  a “soft-focus” effect.

Learn about Laura Mercier Loose setting powder HERE

STEP 4: Set your foundation and concealer with setting spray.

The final step is to use a setting spray to lock that makeup into place. For this, I recommend Urban decay All Nighter Setting Spray. This spray helps your makeup look flawless for hours! I aslo love to set the makeup with setting spray because it takes away the “powdery” effect that loose powders tend to create.

Learn about Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray HERE

Now that you followed these four steps, your under eye circles should be covered and makeup should last a while! No more raccoon eyes. Thank me later 😉

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