Do you ever wonder what really is the difference between all the cleansing gadgets you see online? You probably wonder which one is for your skin type or if there is any real difference between them. With the beauty industry constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest trends. No worries though, today I will give you my truth about each of these gadgets.

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3 Categories of Cleansing Devices are as Follows:

best cleansing devices recommended by an esthetician

1. Qyksonic’s Zoe Bliss vs. Foreo Luna Cleansing Device

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you know that I recently started using Qyksonic’s Zoe Bliss. It is made out of medical grade silicone. As an esthetician, I was excited to learn this device is antibacterial. Because this device is made out of medical grade silicone, you don’t have to worry about replacing brush heads every few months or it harboring mold.


The triangle shape of QYSONIC’s Zoe Bliss helps you get in between hard to reach areas like between the eyebrows on the forehead and corners of the nose. There are 15 adjustable settings so you can adjust the pressure. Also, the back of Zoe Bliss is used to massage serums/moisturizers deeper into the skin. Zoe Bliss can be used to massage creans under your eye area, which makes this tool pretty versatile..

On the other hand, Foreo Luna has a wider and rounder shape, which helps clean larger portions of the face like forehead or cheeks quickly. Foreo Luna has 12 adjustable settings and 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute versus Zoe’s 15 adjustable settings with 6,000 pulsations per minute.

Similarities Between the two

*Both devices made out of medical grade silicone.

*Antiaging devices used to effectively cleanse and massage the skin.

*Safe for all skin types, included sensitive skin.

Final thoughts: If you have very sensitive skin, the Zoe might be the better option because you’ll have a little bit more control over the intensity. The curved edges may appeal to those that get blackheads around their nose. Foreo on the other hand, is a better choice if you like the round shape to cleanse larger areas of your face.

Either way, I noticed the overall texture of my skin to be brighter and smoother after a month of me using each device.

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LumiSpa gently—yet deeply—cleanses away dirt, oil, makeup, and toxins through its rotating silicone head. I also love that the head is antimicrobial. I noticed my pores to be less visible as it thoroughly cleanses debris and oil trapped in pores.  The osscilating, rotary movements of the brush is very soothing and energizes my skin. I look forward to using this every morning and night to wake up my skin.  If you wear makeup often and are looking for a thorough yet gentle cleasing device, this is the one!

Lumispa offers different types of heads to suit your needs whether you have acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, fine lines or wrinkles there is an option for you. One other important difference of this device is that is has a unique wavy texture head which helps the cleanser soak into your skin for a deeper cleanse. It is recommended to replace the head every 3 months to guarantee best results with each use.



3. Michael Todd’s SonicClear Cleansing Brush VS. Clarisonic Mia Smart

So I recently received Michael Todd’s Sonicclear cleansing brush in the mail, and I was ecstatic to try this out. I have been using my Clarisonic brush for 4 years and was ready to try a newer version. So let me dive right into the similarities and differences I have noticed between the two brushes.


*The first major difference between the two brushes is Clarisonic requires you to replace their brush heads every 3 months in comparison with every 6 months for Sonicclear. Not to mention, Soniclear’s brush heads are less expensive than Clarisonic. In the long run,

*The second difference is the fact that Soniclear’s brush heads are all antimicrobial unlike Soniclear. You don’t have to worry about bacteria or odor getting trapped in the brush head. The third difference is that Soniclear cleansing system comes with a charging stand.

*The last difference is that Mia Prima has 2 speed settings whereas Soniclear has 3 customized speed settings.


*Have replacement brush heads to suit different skin types.

*HAVE 1 minute timer settings and automatic shut-off.

*Includes a USB-enabled charger that can be used with any USB compatible wall plug or laptop,

Bottom line: I noticed that both Clarisonic and Michael Todd Beauty’s cleansing brushes do an amazing job at removing makeup. The main difference is that Michael Todd’s SonicClear seems to be more more hygienic since it has antimicrobial contamination brush heads. On the other hand, I love the way Clarisonic’s dense bristles glide smooth against my skin. Another bonus of Clarisonic brushes is that their bristles have splash guard protection.

**Please remember to cleanse your device thoroughly after each use to avoid bacteria buildup.

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Hope this article helped you make an informed decision about which cleansing devices are right for you. Don’t forget to like and share on pinterest and social media.



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