With Pinterest and Instagram trending, everyone is turning to these platforms for quick inspirational ideas or beauty tips. However, you must be careful what and who you choose to follow specifically when it comes to your skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pinterest and have a page myself here. For those who don’t know, I am licensed in esthetics, thus qualified to give reliable information about skincare. Remember, your face is the first thing people notice so you want to take care of it as much as possible.

Certain diy facial ingredients can be extremely damaging to your skin!! Some are too thick and can clog your pores. Here are some of the common ingredients I see online that you should use with CAUTION or avoid if you don’t want to irritate or cause damage to your skin. Remember to do a patch test before applying any skincare ingredient for the first time and give it 24 hours. Side effects of irritation include redness, breakouts, itching, or burning to name a few.

If you are a newbie at skincare and want to learn how to take care of your skin or have questions, I offer one on one coaching sessions. You can join me on Instagram where I share skin tips and charts.  Or, you can schedule a virtual skincare consultation HERE.

Bad DIY Skincare Ingredients

⚡️Coconut oil to moisturize-pore-clogging
⚡️Baking soda to exfoliate—-highly alkaline and damages skin’s moisture barrier
⚡️Toothpaste for breakouts-full of irritating i ingredients
⚡️Apple cider vinegar-highly acidic
⚡️Lemon juice to brighten skin-extremely acidic and drying
⚡️Hydrogen peroxide-causes inflammation and removes skin protective barrier
⚡️Rubbing alcohol-damaging and very drying
⚡️Salt, nuts, fruit pita to exfoliate-too harsh

Baking soda is super alkaline with a high pH of 9, which will significantly damage your skin’s natural barrier, which is crucial for keeping bad bacteria out. The key is to dilute it enough so it won’t be too strong and irritating. If you want to try it, dilute 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water.

Good DIY ingredients for skin

Since we are all stuck at home during quarantine, I figured most of you are looking for ways to pamper your skin at home.

With Pinterest trending and everyone turning to this platform for quick inspirational ideas or beauty tips, you must be careful what and who you choose to follow specifically when it comes to skincare.

Today I list some beneficial DIY ingredients for your skin. Many of them are antioxidants that help slow down aging and prevent skin damage.

✨Green tea-anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant
✨Jojoba oil-moisturize anti-inflammatory
✨Honey-antioxidant, antiseptic and moisturizing
✨Aloe-contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
✨Cucumber-soothes irritation and anti-inflammatory
✨Yogurt-exfoliate and brighten
✨Avocado-moisturize plus nourish
✨Banana-Moisturizing with brightening properties.

To learn more about my antiaging tips, read my article HERE.

Hope I clarified some of the confusion about DIY skincare ingredients. Even though some are highly pore-clogging, others are gentle. If you have tried products and are curious as to why they haven’t been working, check out my recent article HERE. Please and like and share this article with your girls if you found this helpful with the pinnable image below.

safe and unsafe diy skincare ingredients


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