Hey everyone! Do you get impatient and give up too soon with new skincare products? If you answered yes don’t worry, I myself used to give up easily also. Just keep in mind, skincare products take time to work just like anything else. Giving up too soon is not the solution.!

Wait 12 weeks before giving up your new product

Healthline.com states, “Be patient for one skin cycle, or about 28 days.” Your skin cells need to shed each month in order to reveal newer ones; therefore, giving up before 28 days is not recommended. Not to mention, your skin needs time to adjust to new skincare treatment. That is why you should wait at least a month for skincare to start working its magic..

Skin Purging

Verywellhealth.com states, “Acne treatments take 4 to 6 weeks to start working.” You may notice your skin go through a “purge” phase the first couple months.our skin may start to breakout more when you start a new acne treatment, and this is normal in the beginning. This is just a result of the exfoliant unclogging your pores and bringing everthing to the surface. Your dermatologist will start you with a concentration that will work best for you. Always be sure to moisturize after any acne treatment to minimize irritation and redness.

Your skin need to adjust

As I stated earlier, your skin cells turnover every month or so. You may experience new breakouts at first as well. With that being said, give your skin time to adapt to the new acne treatment and heal old breakouts. PATIENCE is your friend and in the end, hopefully it will all be worth it!

Remember the golden rule: Consistency is key in skincare.

Adding or switching what you are currently using is going to irritate or confuse your skin. You also may cause further irritation and new breakouts to your skin. In order to determine whether your current skincare products/regimen are working, you need to give them time before you decide what to rule out of your skincare regimen. ⁣

Discontinue treatment if your skin isn’t getting better

If your skin is still having reactions or looks irritated after 12 weeks of use or adjusting the concentration, stop all treatments. Your skin may be allergic to the product or ingredients. Your esthetician or dermatologist can suggest a different prescription or acne regimen to better suit your skin type.

Patience is key with new products

Remember, putting off important skincare routine steps will only delay progress. PATIENCE: Slow and steady wins the race every time!! It will all be worth it in the end.


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