Are You making These 5 Beauty Mistakes?

So we all make some beauty mistakes. Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have time to wash our makeup brushes, or don’t want to throw out mascara after 3 months. Whatever the beauty mistakes you are making, you may be paying the price. I will list below 5 beauty mistakes you DON’T want to continue doing.

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BEAUTY SIN #1: Not washing your makeup brushes often.

Look I get it, we don’t all have time to sit there and wash our makeup brushes. However, by not washing your make-up brushes/beauty blender. You are calling for a disaster. First of all, not washing your brushes at least 1 time a week can harbor bacteria in your brushes along with build-up of foundation or other makeup which can cause your makeup to appear cakey, streaky, or uneven. If you suffer from acne or sensitive skin, your beauty brushes can harbor oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria which then transfers back to your skin and causes clogged pores/blemishes. Now think twice before you let your brushes/sponges sit for months before washing them.

BEAUTY SIN #2: Not cleansing your face at least once per day.

I had many clients in the past tell me that they don’t always wash their face since they don’t wear makeup. That is beauty sin #2. Many of us wear moisturizers or sunscreen daily so it’s important to cleanse all that product before you sleep so your skin doesn’t get clogged. Also throughout the day, our skin gets dirty with oil, dead skin cells, and toxins. Therefore, it’s crucial to wash your face at least 1-2 times a day (depending on your skin type) to prevent the harbor of bacteria and/or acne breakouts. Just like it is important to wash your face even if you don’t use products daily it is even more crucial to wash your face if you wear makeup. Even sleeping in makeup just one day can promote acne development/clogged pores that won’t probably show up until 2 weeks later.

BEAUTY SIN #3: Not washing your pillowcases enough.

This is so crucial. Let me explain why. When you sleep, your pillowcase touches your skin which can have build-up from sweat, hair oils, or dirt which then transfers to your facial skin. This can cause irritation to sensitive skin which then leads to acne or dermatitis. Little tip: If you have skin allergies, it’s best to avoid scented detergents/or fabric softener.

BEAUTY SIN #4: Not drinking enough water.

If there’s any beauty sin from the 5 I am discussing today is: NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER. For this reason, my skin was dehydrated in the past. Drinking water is the most important beauty tip (I am sure you read this in every skin care article) but you will see and feel the difference once you increase your intake of water. You will notice a significant difference from this simple step in the overall texture of your skin. Your skin will thank you as it will increase moisture retention, prevent puffy eyes, and give your skin the luminous glow you always dreamt of. Lastly, drinking 8 glasses of water a day will help flush out toxins from your body and prevent breakouts.

BEAUTY SIN #5: Applying makeup on dry skin.

Beauty sin #6–Skipping sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen every two hours when you are going to be in the sun for hours at a time. Some products such as moisturizer or foundation contain sunscreen, however, it is not potent enough as sunscreen. While it can be beneficial to wear products that contain sunscreen, it is best to layer on sunscreen after especially if you are going to have direct exposure to the sun. This will help prevent sunspots and hyperpigmentation so your skin can stay looking youthful.

Applying makeup to your skin without moisturizing first can make your face appear dull, dry and lifeless. As states “Everything good is built on a solid foundation, and in this case, a properly moisturized face”. Always be sure to apply the proper moisturizer for your skin type prior to applying your foundation and let it set about 15 minutes before applying your prior. Your skin will thank you! My picks for moisturizers can be found HERE!

5 beauty mistakes

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6 skin sins you should avoid

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