We’ve all been there. You put your foundation on and it looks perfect, and an hour later it’s a hot mess!! Who doesn’t want to have smudge-free foundation that lasts ALL DAY! It’s such a hassle to have to reapply your foundation during your special event. So I will provide with you with my top steps to have smooth, long lasting coverage of your foundation. These are the exact steps I used when i was a professional makeup artist that worked like a charm!


STEP 1: Moisturize Your Skin 

The first step before applying foundation is to use an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. Of course there are different skin types out there such as oily or dry, and oily is more prone to having the issue of foundation smudging. Moisturizer will give all skin types a radiant “glow.”

Let your moisturizer sit for 15 minutes before applying your primer. Moisturizer is essential for a smooth makeup base because it hydrates the skin, improves texture, acts as a primer, offers protection, strengthens the skin’s barrier, enhances makeup longevity, and ensures comfort during application. I personally use Paula’s Choice Intensive Repair Moisturzer which is perfect for dry or sensitive skin and keeps my skin looking smoother and my makeup less patchy.


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Remember that these steps may vary slightly based on personal preferences and the specific products you use. Always adapt your makeup routine to your unique skin type and desired look.


STEP 2: Best Way To apply Foundation

Avoid using circular or sweeping motions with your stippling brush. Instead use tapping motions, and press your foundation gently into the skin to allow full coverage.

My personal preference for a nice drugstore foundation if you have combination skin like me is Loreal Infallible Matte foundation. It is matte but not flat…meaning its not too drying. It has a thin texture, which is great for building up to the desired coverage of your choice. If your skin is dry they also have a pro-glow line to give your skin a dewy effect. The coverage with this product I would say is light to medium.

Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation is my go to for days I want fuller coverage. It is semi-matte which is great for those with oily/combination skin looking to conceal imperfections.

Try: Loreal Infallible Matte Foundation

               Site Option

Try: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Lock That Foundation in Place 

The fourth step is to set your foundation with a setting powder of your choice. Pressed or loose powder will work. I use a damp beauty blender and dip it in my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. From there, I dab it gently dab onto my t-zone (or oily areas of the face) and under my eyes where concealer is applied. Any loose setting powder of your choice will work  but this is just my oldie but goodie staple.



Use Setting Spray to Look Flawless for Hours 

The final step is to use a setting spray to lock that makeup into place. For this, I recommend Urban decay All Nighter Setting Spray. This spray helps your makeup look flawless!  I also like to set makeup with setting spray because it takes away the “powdery” effect that loose powders tend to create.

Try: Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

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Now your ready to look picture perfect!  Do you have any foundation tips you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to like and share if you loved this article!


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