Skincare has never been such a hot topic. With the beauty industry constantly evolving, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest skincare trends. If you are looking to incorporate some treatments in your facial room, this article is for you.

For all you estheticans out there that just graduated, or want to add some skincare devices to your facial services, I have some awesome recommendations to get you started. If you have a mobile spa, these tools will work great as they are handheld and portable for your convenience.

DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult first with your dermatologist before using any of these devices if you are on prescription acne treatments, or have acne. I am not a dermatologist, and all opinions are my own.  is a part of affiliate advertising programs. This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms, I have the potential to make a small commission from that click and/or purchase. I do not endorse products I do not recommend or like and all opinons are my own.

4 handy gadgets that you can incorporate into your spa treatments are:

Ultrasonic scrubber, Radiofrequency device, microdermabrasion unit, and a high frequency wand.



MBK Ultrasonic Scrubber

Use this Ultrasonic Spatula for a deep cleanse, exfoliation & extractions.  I have experience very little redness and basically no downtime with this treatment. Furthermore, it thoroughly cleanses out your pores using ultrasonic movement. It is basically like a power wash for your skin…you will see water vapors as you glide the device over your skin.

I noticed a reduction in comedones. This spatula removes the top layer of dead skin and excess oil/blackheads trapped in your pores.  My pores look less visible as a result of using this device once a week for the past three months.



The flip side of the spatula helps stimulate product absorbtion deeper into your pores.. I noticed a difference around my smile lines as this device helps push my serums further into my skin. My breakouts seem to heal quicker also.

Purchase MBK Ultrasonic Scrubber HERE


MBK Professional Curve-4 in 1-


MBK’s Professional Curve uses four features that help reduce cellulite and tone the skin. It consists of both radi0-frequency and red light therapy to help melt away fat cells. You will also feel ultrasonic sensations, which helps promote collagen and elastin.

Purchase MBK Professional Curve HERE

MBK Microdermabrasion Unit


MBK’s microdermabrasion unit is a gentle, features various exfoliating diamond tips for facial skin, acne scarring, or body that can be easily replaced. This device helps stimulate blood flow, treat acne, dark spots, and texture.

My skin felt smoother and rejuvenated after just two treatments. I love that it is portable and easy to use. I love this tool is suitable for all skin tpes as well. You won’t regret using this for yourself or for purchse for your spa.

Shop MBK Microdermabrasion Unit HERE

Lightstim Acne

Lightstim is an FDA approved hand held light therapy device used to help treat mild to moderate acne. I love that it is a natural way to cure acne and blemishes. I recommended this to many friends with breakouts, and they love the fact that you can use it daily and for any skin type.

Shop Lightstim Acne HERE

NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand



The NuDerma Professional skin therapy wand includes a total of 6 beauty wands. High frequency treatment helps improve skin’s texture, fine lines/wrinkles, and reduce acne.

Estheticians–this wand will be a staple in your spa room.

NOTE- High frequency treatments are a safe and natural way of adding oxygen to the skin to help increase cellular turnover. If you use this in combination with skincare products, you will enhance their results. This will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Hope this article helped guide you towards your future purchases. These devices will be a staple in your spa room as they all help rejuvenate skin and will leave your clients glowing. Don’t forget to like and share!


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