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This month’s Trifecta of GlyMed Plus products we “LOVEE!”   Check ’em out.

Glymed Intense antioxidant exfoliator

GlyMed Plus Intense Peptide Cleanser

Intense Peptide Skin Recovery Complex delivers four potent amino acid complexes clinically proven to target lines and wrinkles deep within the skin’s infrastructure. Great for all skin types.
Glymed Intense antioxidant exfoliator

GlyMed Plus Acne Skin Medication No. 5

Skin Medication No. 5 is one of the most effective topical treatments for inflamed and non inflamed acne. Benzoyl peroxide reduces bacteria to clear and prevent acne breakouts. 

GlyMed Plus Diamond Bright Skin Brightener

Hyperpigmentation is no match for this brightening serum, performing outstanding result while being safe enough for even expecting mothers.

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" I booked a one-on-one consultation with Zaina. I had a small discolored area on my nose. Drove me crazy. Thanks to Zaina, it's GONE! "

France Jubinville

"Zaina listened to my concerns about my skin, learnt about my lifestyle and what is important to me when it comes to skincare. "

Grace Eveleigh
glytone dark spot eraser

" So many beauty products out there. I like Zaina's blog because she keeps it real and gives me her professional take on products and I like her tips."

Kecia Wong
“ I love GlymedPlus collection because it does a great job of fading my dark spots and has improved the texture of my skin.” Zaina


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Address skin concerns such as aging, wrinkles and acne with GlyMed Plus skin care line specially formulated to minimize signs of aging or acne.

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